Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ludy Green Honored in Washington Hispanic

(Ludy Green, president and founder of Second Chance Employment Service, receives the prize at the hands of the general prosecutor of the U.S.A., Alberto Gonza'les. Photo courtesy Second Chance Employment Service.)

Below is an article that I have posted for Ludy Green and Second Chance Employment Service by Washington Hispanic which can be found in English and in Spanish.

"Washington Hispanic is the biggest Hispanic newspaper serving Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia, reaching more than 100000 households." (Washington Hispanic)

Its mission is to work by the woman victim of abuses
Latin organization receives prize of the General prosecutor of the United States

Mitzi Macias
Washington Hispanic

It began like volunteer of an organization who offered services for women victims of domestic violence where she took care of the children of these people while they received training or they attended factories. Later, it helped to make up them so that the women saw and they felt better and when she began to develop its masters she advised them to prepare its leaves of life and began to worry to incorporate them to the labor world.

They have passed more than 15 years and Ludy Green, of Peruvian origin, not only it has managed to establish an agency of use for people victims of domestic violence, but also it finishes receiving a prize of hands of the General prosecutor of the United States, Alberto Gonza'les, by the professional innovation in offering services to victims.

“To the being witness of the suffering and the humiliations that they have to live the women victims of domestic violence I discovered that so that they break with that vicious circle they must reach financial independence. This interest has been the motor that took to me to found Second Chance Employment Services”, tells to Washington Hispanic Ludy Green, director and founder of this organization without profit aims.

The prize granted by Gonza'les was made within the framework of the celebrations by the National Week by the Rights of Victims of Crimes, during which the development of effective methods is recognized to put within reach of the victims its rights and services available.

“It has been a great honor to receive this prize because we have been selected of a great number of participant organizations. In addition not only they have recognized the innovator of our work but also by to have created a system of pursuit of the process of development of the person to whom we served by to a period as two years, which allows us to have a record”, explains Ludy Green.

Second Chance, from its foundation in 2002, has served more than 1,600 victims as domestic violence in the process to get up itself to the active labor life.

At the moment, Second Chance serves 103 women who receive all the consultant's office necessary to be able to obtain an employment that allows them to become independent.

The women victims of domestic violence often need from a place where to be with its children until medical and psychological aid. In the same way, Second Chance them aid to prepare its leaf of life and locates in labor positions according to its capacities and skills.

“In a beginning we found much resistance of the employers because they thought that a violence victim domestic servant was not prepared to enter the labor market, but with our work we have demonstrated to them that they are the best workers because these women are in search of a new opportunity of life”, it express Green.

Second Chance, at the moment, tells on 178 employers national level, but as she refers his founder every time more organizations are needed and companies than wish to offer jobs. In addition, it is needed that foundations take interest in the work that make for this way counting on the bottoms necessary to continue expanding their services.

Second Chance has its seat in Washington, DC, and finishes opening a branch in the city of New York, where it has found a great reception of the authorities and the organizations.

“This week represents a time to remember and to honor to which they have suffered in the hands of criminals. Through the people who receive these prizes we want to demonstrate to our commitment and dedication to assure that all the victims are listened to and not forgotten. Many of these people have worked untiringly and they have not been recognized and today I honor when bringing to light its works”, said the general prosecutor, Alberto Gonza'les.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Donation Forms Going Out and Online!

Our Last Kiss of Summer Gala is kicking off in excitement for our upcoming event! The picture above is from our silent auction from our 2006 Gala. Nancy Mraz, President of HP Productions, Inc., (seen in the center with the sassy print top) and Janice Nicols of Serenity Day Spas (seen at the right in the lovely black dress), are both admiring some of our donated auction items.

Second Chance Employment Services will begin taking donation forms soon for our silent auction. In the right margin of this blog we will soon be hosting a list of those who have donated their items to our silent auction as we count down to September 27th! Click here to download our Donation Form so you can be included in the list!

Additional contributions can be made through Network for Good and Paypal.
We free services to help abused women enter the workforce. The only way we can continue to aid at-risk women in becoming independent of their abusive situation is with your help!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Support Second Chance With A Banner

Second Chance Employment Services has a banner for it's upcoming Gala: Last Kiss of Summer. We would like to thank The Family Groove for inspiring us to make this banner. We would also like to thank Jason Waag for giving me ideas on making the banner. I worked on making this banner over the Memorial Day weekend and will list websites and blogs in our right hand column that post this banner on their website until after our exciting Gala on September 27th.

To host this banner on your website or blog and be listed under our "Internet Sites Hosting SCES Banner" on our blog. It is through your support and generosity that Second Chance is able to help at-risk women for free. Thank you!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Upcoming Gala!

Here is a picture of me, Stephanie Willson (red dress), at the Last Kiss of Summer 2006 Gala. Second Chance Employment Services is so excited about our upcoming 2007 Gala: Last Kiss of Summer! We have updated our website so that you can now download Our Letter to Our Friends, Donation Form, and our exciting Sponsorship Opportunities!!

Second Chance continues to receive media attention; FOX News, CNN, and Washington Business Journal is only to mention a few from the long list. We’ve just received an Award from the US Attorney General’s Office as the most innovative business in the country for battered and abused women.

Additional contributions can be made through Network for Good and Paypal.

We provide the following free services to help abused women enter the workforce: Job search training, resume development, interview counseling, as well as medical and dental care, housing, clothing, childcare, transportation and food needs. The only way we can continue to aid these families in becoming independent of their abusive situation is with your help!

Praise for our Volunteer

For the last three weeks, our office has had the honor of having an unpaid volunteer, Eliza Gordon, to help with our organization. Ms. Gordon is a senior at the National Cathedral School for Girls in Washington, DC providing telephone coverage, writing letters, office support, and speaking Spanish to help serve women at-risk. The Gordon family has also donated office supplies to our organization. Thank you Eliza and the Gordon Family for your time and contribution!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Successful Committee Meeting

Yesterday Second Chance Employment Services held its committee meeting which was generously hosted by Napoleon Bistro owned by Fatima Popal. There was a houseful of 26 attendees of renowned benefactors in the community, such as Dr. Ronald Pearlman our Chairman, Dr. Tina West, George Webb, and Dr. Claudia Cotca to name a few of the many young and energetic members of our committee. There was much excitement and discussion regarding sponsorship of our upcoming gala called Last Kiss of Summer to be held on September 27th!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Upcoming Gala: Last Kiss of Summer

Second Chance Employment Services will be holding it's annual gala on September 27th! This is a worthwhile cause that benefits in helping real women at-risk gain financial independence. Contact me through the website, by e-mail at, or phone at (202)331-7451 for ticket information, sponsorship event, making a donation and/or gift, or further details.

We provide the following free services to help abused women enter the workforce: Job search training, resume development, interview counseling, as well as medical and dental care, housing, clothing, childcare, transportation and food needs. The only way we can continue to aid these families in becoming independent of their abusive situation is with your help.

Thank you for your generosity and support!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Second Chances Employment Services Blog

Second Chances Employment Services (SCES) now has a blog to communicate the needs of our non-profit community and help better serve the public.

Second Chance Employment Services (SCES) is a nonprofit organization of human-resources professionals who have placed hundreds of adults in meaningful employment positions free of charge.

Our mission is to promote financial security for at-risk women and their dependents through comprehensive employment placement services.

Our beneficiaries are the abused, the elderly, welfare recipients and other financially at-risk women who seek long-term employment.

We are proudly the Recipient of "Knock-Out Abuse" Award 2002.

Join our blog and conversations in making a difference for people!